A day in the life of a SEO consultant


Working on optimizing a website can mean a lot, but it's certainly never boring! If you are new to the industry and are wondering what your day-to-day activities should look like, consider the following guidelines for how a good SEO specialist structures their workday:

Building and monitoring backlinks

Because link building plays such a vital role in the success of a website, all SEO consultants try to make this practice a part of their daily routine. The only exception to this rule occurs in major SEO agencies, where consultants specialize in dealing with various aspects of the SEO process - whether it's content creation, on-site optimization, link building, or another element of the SEO process. digital marketing.

In all other cases, SEO consultants are constantly looking for new opportunities to create links, read industry blogs to find new link building ideas, or follow existing links to monitor and correct changes to a website's "backlink" profile.

Education and community interactions

As the internet marketing industry is constantly changing, continuing education is an important part of any working day. In most cases, this takes the form of examining industry blogs to keep abreast of any major changes to newly discovered SEO algorithms or techniques.

At the same time, SEO consultants can leave comments on these articles, post messages in community forums or ask questions on social networking sites. These techniques not only help to expand the knowledge of an SEO consultant, but are also excellent for building a reputation and a high level of authority in an industry.

Testing SEO theories

SEO consultants put their SEO theories into practice on their websites to conclusively determine what is good and what is not working at a given time. Because Google and other search engines never fully reveal all their secrets (and because not all the tips found on industry blogs are legitimate or reliable), a good SEO consultant knows that he will discover the truth about the components that determine a site's ranking. web on a good search position, just experimenting with the settings and theories discovered by yourself.

Track rankings, traffic and conversion rates

Probably the most boring part of any day for an SEO consultant is the time spent tracking traffic and conversion rate values. A good SEO consultant relies on complete data sets and unfortunately there are really no shortcuts when it comes to compiling and analyzing these figures.

But no matter how dizzying this data collection, SEO consultants recognize that it is of vital importance. Staying on top of even minor declines in web data trends can help SEO consultants eliminate potentially serious problems by taking corrective action before serious search engine penalties can be assessed.

On-site optimization

On-site optimization never ends. No matter how many code corrections, content changes or image updates an SEO consultant makes, there will always be new elements to optimize and others that can be better optimized.

For this reason, many agencies will expand their team of SEO analysts before developing any other part of their companies, especially given that changes to site elements often lead to the fastest improvements in a site's performance. Unlike backlinks, which can take time to index and capitalize on, site changes can make a significant difference in how well a website's search engines can read, making these changes a top priority for any SEO-based consultant. or otherwise.

Competitor monitoring

Paying attention to changes made on competitors' websites offers a number of benefits to SEO consultants. Careful monitoring of a competitor's backlink profile can expose the weaknesses of the company's strategy, which allow the SEO consultant to outperform his opponent in searches. For example, if a competitor's link graph does not show evidence of linking to social media marketing, focusing on this strategy could provide the SEO advantage needed to get higher natural search rankings.

At the same time, monitoring a competitor's activities can reveal information about new strategies that work or don't work. Monitoring both internal sites and competitors' pages can take a long time, but a good SEO consultant knows that there is a lot of quality information to gain if they are willing to make an effort.

Collaboration with internal development, design and marketing teams

Today, SEO means more than backlinks and on-site optimization. A good SEO campaign requires collaboration with development teams (to ensure that a site's code works optimally from an SEO point of view), with marketing teams (to identify any branding elements that should be used appropriately on the site) and with design teams (to improve product sales pages and create a stronger on-site user experience).

As a result, all SEO consultants must spend time collaborating with relevant parties, either with internal employee colleagues or by setting up meetings with customer relations departments. Although these activities eliminate the time of an SEO consultant's work, they are important, as they can eventually lead to a more powerful website, which will better attract both site visitors and search engines.

La fel ca oricine lucrează online știe că nu există niciodată o lipsă de mesaje de e-mail de verificat. De la comunicări cu clienții la actualizări interne ale companiei și de la buletine informative din industrie la notificări de profil de rețele sociale, toți consultanții SEO își petrec cel puțin o parte din zi verificând și răspunzând la e-mailuri.


Spending time connecting with other consultants in the industry is not only important for agency-owned SEO consultants, who often rely on these occasional contacts to create new business and learn new techniques "while talking" to each other.

As an added bonus, taking breaks and socializing with other consultants can be one of the easiest ways to build connections ever. I can't tell you how many outings I have turned into strong, valuable links.


Whether you use this list to think about whether a job in SEO is right for you, be aware that day-to-day activities will vary slightly depending on the management structure of your organization. Indeed, there may be some days when you focus exclusively on on-site optimization and others when you focus entirely on link building campaigns.

However, this outline should give you a better idea of ​​the responsibilities that SEO consultants have - no matter where and how they work. I hope you find it useful when it comes to working more effectively with these important team members!

Author: Ionut Puchianu

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