Business Go ERP

About Business Go ERP

Business Go ERP is an intelligent and customizable solution for the management of manufacturing companies, which meets the needs of a company and digitizes difficult processes.

The Benefits of Business Go ERP

  • Administration Panel
The application has a configurable administration panel with any type of local or consumed data from an API, which can then be displayed or exported.
  • Customer Addition
Add users under roles, with permissions configurable by an administrator. (eg customer, sales manager, bidding, production, technician, management, logistics, director, etc.)
  • Product Management
Management of tender products and production planning.
  • Materials List
Adding raw material with all the necessary details to calculate the supply and obtaining the necessary materials.
  • Invoice Generation
Automatic generation of invoices for offers and issuing invoices for materials or products.
  • Stocks and Prices
Quick management of the quantity and price of raw material in stock.
  • Inquiry
Customer interface for adding requests for quotes for products or services.
  • Offer Calculator
Custom interface for calculating the offer price and the quantity of materials needed for production.
  • Document Generation
Automatic generation of documents required for bidding and management of additional documents (user manual, certificates of conformity, etc.).

Application demo

We specify that this application is customizable and may change depending on your field of activity.
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