Content Marketing

What does Content Marketing Mean?

Using Content Marketing means using the power of written text, visuals or videos to make a "lever" that helps achieve a company's business objectives, as part of an integrated strategy that uses all digital channels and more.

So, can you do business on the web with Content Marketing? The answer is yes. And every type of company, one that operates in B2B or one that operates in B2C, can engage in digital content projects. Here are some goals you can achieve using online content:

  • Improving reputation
  • Site traffic
  • Obtaining quality contacts
  • Inbound marketing
  • Purchase new customers to sell your products or services
  • Customer loyalty
The list of these goals has already given you an idea of ​​how much promoting your brand online by increasing its reputation and promotions is beneficial for a company's business. This is because valuable and relevant content can help you inform, educate, entertain and attract your target audience.
In fact, content marketing is not a means of direct sales, rather it has the role of a marketing, which can help you find new customers, or to establish a lasting relationship with those who are already.
Let's see the definition of what is Content Marketing formulated by the "Content Marketing Institute", one of the most authoritative voices internationally in this field: Marketing prin Conținut este o abordare strategică de marketing care se concentrează pe crearea și distribuirea de conținut valoros, consistent și relevant pentru a atrage și menține un public bine definit și, în cele din urmă, pentru a ghida acțiunile utilizatorilor spre profit.

Online content goals

The aim is to create a closer consumer connection with the brand.
Digital content marketing is often confused with inbound marketing: in reality, content marketing is only part of the inbound strategy:
  • Inbound marketing consists of actions designed to attract customers to a commercial activity;
  • Content marketing is based on creating content, especially its quality.
People search online to find solutions to their problems, and they don't want to be interrupted by someone trying to sell them something insistently, right from the first visit to the site, as in Push advertising.
Instead, content marketing is used to build trust, credibility and authority. It will eliminate the possible resistance of the user in the purchase process. This marketing technique has a positive effect on the company's sales and how such a strategy is related to ROI.

How to Do Content Marketing?

Once you understand what Content Marketing is, you may be wondering, "where do I start?"
So, let's see, you can use this technique to promote your business, increase your number of customers and improve your business. Going step by step, you should plan a series of actions, as follows:
  • Analysis of objectives
  • Creating specific content
  • Their distribution

Content Marketing Platforms

As you move forward with planning, you will need to choose the right platforms to make your work seen and promoted. In addition, you will need to establish an editorial plan that includes your blog articles, social media posts, newsletters.
But let's see each step and how to go.

Blog and search engines

You could start distributing content through a blog, which is active online and has a target audience. You will improve your results if this blog and its content are optimized for search engines (SEO) because they are a prime source of traffic.

Social Media Activity

The second option you can consider are social media channels. Why?
Because you will be able to communicate with users in an area familiar to them in which you can meet their needs. Where can you do content marketing?
  • On your Facebook page
  • Pintrest
  • On the Linkedin profile
  • Twitter
  • On the Instagram profile
  • Reddit
  • On any channel you think you will find the target audience
Creating content online is like throwing a fishing hook. If you think that the number of users who follow your activity on social media channels is not enough, there are a number of actions that can increase it. Which?

Online Advertising

To spread the message to as many people as possible, you can use online advertising. You can use advertising techniques, but you also need to make a budget to make your content visible to the audience segments that have not yet known the brand.
You need to establish a timing of content marketing, in which to organize your activities, depending on the results you want to have. For example, you can create:
  • Search engine campaigns
  • Personalized emails
  • Video marketing campaigns on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Brand Content Marketing actions
  • Lead generation campaigns to increase your contact numbers
  • An alliance with other authoritative blogs in the field
  • Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Email lists

Finally, among the many possibilities for content marketing, you can consider emails as a means of distributing messages.
If you have managed to build your own database of contacts who are really interested in receiving free newsletters and resources, you can use the e-mail marketing technique to distribute them through regular newsletters.
This activity, defined as Lead Nurturing, is also part of the Inbound Marketing operations that use the content.

Why It's Important to Do Content Marketing?

To better understand why content marketing is so important to a business. It is critical to know the steps that make up a buying process. I will summarize them quickly here:
  • Awareness: A customer has a problem, but does not yet know that there is a solution. What you need to do at this stage is to show him the solution to his problem. He needs to feel like you’re there to help him.
  • Research: When the customer understands that the solution exists, he will begin to do in-depth research to get more information about the product or service that meets his requirements.
  • Consideration: At this point you will start comparing the product with that of the competitors to ensure that you get a quality product at a great price.
  • Purchase: The customer has decided to purchase the product.

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