Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website. Desired actions may include purchasing a product by clicking on "add to cart", signing up for a service, filling out a form, or clicking on a link.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important?

It gives you better control over how your customers interact with your site and how they convert. But what are the real benefits? Here are three:

   CRO gets you higher profits

If your conversion rate increases, it means that more of your customers are entering your product pages. Open emails and subscribe to your service by performing little CRO marketing tricks. You pay the same amount to attract customers, but increase the number of real buyers.

   It increases your traffic

Higher conversion rates mean that potential customers can easily find their way to your site, locate the right products, and make a purchase.
More visitors spend more time on your site, and after positive feedback from customers, they will try to persuade their friends and family to visit the store. Thus, more traffic for you.

   CRO keeps you focused on your customers

Always put the customer in front of your mind. When you make a design change to your website, taking a CRO approach helps you look through the eyes of your customers. Customer-centric decisions about designing, copying, or placing ads have a better chance of increasing your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Like the scientific method, conversion rate optimization includes data collection, performance tests, and conclusions. The information you collect is in addition to the general understanding of your marketing plan and your customers. Here are the steps to optimize your conversion rate.
  • Collect data. Gather data about customers and websites you have now. Identify the conversions you are trying to make. Set a baseline for future changes.
  • Form hypotheses. Using the data, we make an educational estimate of what you think will happen. Identify the audience and the measurements you need to measure (e.g., click through downloads).
  • Perform a test. Prepare a hypothesis test and make changes. Make sure you’re accurately tracking your conversion data.
  • Analyze. Given the results, can you say that the hypothesis was correct? If not, what happened? Was your prediction wrong? Maybe something went wrong with the test.
  • Repeat. Gather new data and form a new hypothesis.
CRO is a self-correcting process, it is transparent and honest. It prevents you from injecting your own biased perspectives on what works and what doesn't.

How to increase conversion?

To achieve the best conversion rates, entrepreneurs and traders use five basic principles of CROs.

   Bring relevant traffic

To bring relevant traffic, you need to know who your customers are, what their preferences are, what the right message is for them, and most importantly, how you can reach them. One way to identify the audience is through the buyer persona.
It is a fictional character created to represent different types of users of the site, product or brand. The online promotion strategy will be based on these buyer personas.

   Improves sales flow

Visitors to your webshop need time to decide to buy. So help them make the best decision without hesitation: give them all the information they might need, build a relationship with them, and prove your expertise.
Don't ask them to buy too soon in the purchase process. Remember, the more expensive or complicated the product, the longer it will take for your visitors to be ready.

   Improves the pages you need to convert

Use heatmaps, funnels, check the dropout rate and test for the pages on the site to sell. Make sure everything on the product page is flawless:
  • The title is compelling and powerful;
  • The unique selling proposition (USP) is descriptive;
  • Images and videos work;
  • The offer presents the functionalities and benefits;
  • Add incentives so that an action can be taken immediately;
  • Social proof and / or testimonials: presents other users who already know you;
  • The call to action is clear: the text, color and size of these buttons are very important;

   Give visitors reasons to trust you

Do you know the reasons why people don't usually buy? No need, no money, not in a hurry, no trust. You can work on the last aspect.
  • Mention the information on the site accurately;
  • It shows that there is a real organization behind the site, which can be contacted without any problems;
  • Evidențiază nivelul de expertiză pe care îl ai;
  • Make sure the store looks professional;
  • Update site content;

   Optimizes the procurement procedure

The most important thing is to make sure that users will not have problems placing an order. From A-Z, everything has to go as smoothly as possible. If users do not find technical impediments, taking into account the premises from which we started above, they will definitely buy from you. Astfel:
  • Tell users what to do next. Regardless of the page, it guides the visitor to the action you want to take.
  • Don’t give too many options. The more options they have, the harder it will be for them to choose.
  • Ask them to fill in as few fields as possible. Long forms, whether for delivery or contact, discourage the visitor.
  • Do not force the creation of an account to buy. Offers checkout as a guest.
  • Offers free shipping, from a certain value.

Best practices and conclusions

Although we always want to base our assumptions and tests on data, there are some common standards that must be followed to ensure a successful CRO campaign. Taking these ideals into account quickly will prevent you from wasting a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.
With other digital marketing efforts increasingly competitive and challenging, conversion rate optimization has become a prominent and important way to increase conversions and sales for businesses. It enables companies to properly understand their customers' hotspots and gives them the data they need to create better new strategies.
You will probably find a lot of valuable data through the use of CRO campaign and you will start to see the results of your investment through PPC and SEO. Choose to use CRO to improve the user experience on your site and landing page!

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