Corporate Identity

What is corporate identity?

One of the most commonly misunderstood terms in business is corporate identity. Many people combine the term corporate identity with logos or mistakenly consider that it only applies to the banking, legal or technological sectors. However, corporate identity is essential to the success of all brands, regardless of size or industry.

What do you mean by corporate identity?

Corporate identity is how your business presents itself to the outside world. Although culture and internal values ​​are essential for shaping a company's identity, the definition of corporate identity applies to a company's visual assets and brand design.

What exactly is corporate identity?

In essence, any communication or information you see when interacting with a brand is part of its corporate identity. Although the logo design is under corporate identity; the term goes far beyond this visual icon to include elements such as fonts, illustrations, colors, photography, and animations.

You'll see examples of corporate identity on everything from social media posts to billboard ads. , staff uniforms, stationery, product packaging and application profiles.

What is the main purpose of corporate identity?

When the visual elements of a company are implemented correctly and consistently; they work together to create a corporate brand identity that is immediately recognizable and memorized.

Consistent and owned brand consistency gives you more control over your very important brand image; which, although made up of individual interactions with your company, can be influenced or at least affected by a strong corporate identity.

How to create a corporate identity?

It can only be built after your internal team has aligned itself with the positioning, mission, values, messaging and personality of your brand. With this solid foundation, you can then work with a design company to create a visual language that reflects your brand.

These visual markers should be as strategic as they are creative. Rather than rigid branded components, your design elements should be; also agile, keeping your business relevant to the changing market and consumer landscapes.

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