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What is a CMS and what is its purpose?

A content management system or abbreviated CMS is a software system designed to fully automate the management of content, especially websites.
The goal is to reduce or eliminate the intervention of programmers in editing and managing their sites. The CMS facilitates the organization, control, and publication of documents or other content, such as images and multimedia resources.
A CMS often facilitates the joint creation of documents. A "web CMS" is a CMS with additional facilities to make it easier to publish content on various sites.

Easy Web CMS features

Easy Web CMS can be defined as a modular software with the following features:
Administration Panel. The administration page is intuitive and allows you to edit or add items quickly and without error.
Custom Theme. Quickly configurable custom theme theme for your business.
API integration. Connect with Google Cloud API, Facebook, Amazon, Stocks, etc.
Modern Architecture. EasyWeb is made using the Keystone React framework and runs in the Google Cloud.
Specialized Support. The documentation available in the application together with the specialized assistance will solve any problem encountered.

The most popular CMSs

There are many such platforms, but I will list the most known and used in the world.
WordPress - the best system for managing content on the web.
WordPress is the open-source creation of Matt Mullenweg, and is currently the most used in the world. About 36% of the sites present online are made with this fantastic CMS, including the site you are reading from now.   Creating a website through this platform is very easy and intuitive, and online there are various guides and manuals for installing and configuring it. Clearly in order to get to use this CMS at an expert level, you will have to turn to a specialist. If you need help with WordPress, contact us!
Jomla - one of the first CMS on the market.
Jomla is a CMS born in 2005, and developed by its predecessor Mambo, fully written in PHP, equipped with extensive customization features, very powerful and open to SEO, but with some "internal problems". As I said, it is a tool with a high degree of customization, but much more difficult in content management, and with many more files to compose the core of Joomla, features that have made it probably unpopular compared to the fastest even more intuitive CMS, namely WordPress.
There are many other CMS used to create online sites or stores, and they together occupy less than 1% of all online sites. Here are some of them:
Zen Cart
PHP Nuke
Open Cart

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