Email Marketing

What Email Marketing Means ?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing (DEM) that integrates strategies and tactics used to create and distribute content through emails in order to create brand-customer relationships, or to send information and updates. promotional nature.
Being an incredibly powerful and efficient tool, like a very powerful racing car, if it is driven incorrectly it could produce unpleasant consequences.
It is not enough to have such a car to become a "racing driver". You need to have the necessary information and a minimum of knowledge to understand how this technique can be beneficial for your business.

How To Do Email Marketing And Why ?

One reason to do Email Marketing is because it is easily measurable in terms of ROI. And also related to ROI, e-mail marketing guarantees the best results in terms of user conversion, compared to other web marketing channels.
On the other hand, consumers like to receive newsletters from their favorite brands. Because they are fast and inherent in one-on-one communication and because they provide real-time updates on special product and service offerings.
The right way to do email marketing is not to send a thousand newsletters with exceptional offers, discounts and promotions with the constant and unique message “BUY, BUY, BUY”… these newsletters and this type of email marketing do not work .
An email marketing campaign must be based on an editorial plan for creating valuable content (content marketing) sent to users.

Who can use E-mail Marketing ?

In terms of web marketing, not all promotional tools can be applied in any situation. Because there is not always a tool compatible with all cases; but email marketing is an exception.
Email marketing is good for everyone. Email marketing is an exception to the rule. It is the web marketing tool with more potential than all the others, and it is suitable for all types of companies.
Feedback to this statement is easy to spot in everyday life. Your e-mail is requested by everyone: clothing stores, supermarkets, pet store, sometimes even your favorite restaurant.
This is due to the fact that by using this technique you can get the most "intimate" contact with the user, which web promotion tools can offer you.
Being able to send a message to a customer's or potential customer's inbox, and create a one-to-one relationship with them, helps you reach your goals quickly.

Good practices and strategies

Now let's see some practical tips on what we can do to get better results in our email marketing campaigns.

a) Test as if your life depends on it

Testing is one of the fundamental principles of growth hackers. It's no surprise why it's like this: because it works. As I have always tried to point out above.
Although a certain idea can be tested to work brilliantly for someone else, it could even have the opposite effect on you. In addition, your audience may be different from ours or other people who write about email marketing.
So the things that work can turn out to be different. Therefore, the best way to find out what works for you is to test. Test your email headlines first, see what kind of topics your subscribers are responding to.
Test the text inside the email, test the positioning of the Call to action, test the design, test the format.

b) Create an automatic email suite

I said at the beginning that one of the dreams of any marketer or entrepreneur is that automatic marketing machine that generates sales. Email marketing is the one that comes closest to this dream. Why? First of all, you can and must create a suite of welcome emails. You've probably seen that when you subscribe to a newsletter, you receive a series of introductory emails.
Depending on the company you have subscribed to, they vary. From introducing you to how the company's product / service works, to sending you the best pieces of content they have. The purpose of these emails is to familiarize the subscriber with you and your brand. So that by the time you ask him to take action, he is already ready.

c) Clean the list periodically

In addition to the higher costs that come with a large email list, if it is inactive it can create even more problems for you. For example, an important criterion that email customers take into account when defining email as spam is the rate at which emails open.
So if you send emails but no one opens them. Email clients will begin to believe that you are Spam and will send you to that folder. On the other hand, a smaller but active list is much more valuable. You feel much better when you see an email opening rate of 40%, not 4%.

d) Reduce the amount of HTML

One of the main risks of email marketing. It is represented by the fact that your email may not even be seen by the recipient. Beyond that if not sent at the right time. It is lost among dozens of other emails, the anti-spam filters of email clients, especially Gmail, are becoming more and more aggressive.
It is very possible, even if you did nothing wrong, that your email will go directly to the Spam / Junk folder. The best way to get to a person's Inbox is to reduce the amount of HTML.
You cannot do email marketing if:
  •     The rest of the online presence is non-existent.
  •     You will not write valuable content for your readers.
  •     Without integrating other tools to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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