Java Spring Boot Development

What is Java Spring Boot ?

Spring Framework is an open source Java platform. The platform that provides extensive support for creating a Java application development infrastructure. Java Spring Boot also structures the program and the connections between entities, making the programmer's job easier.
It also allows the creation of program functionality using POJOs ("plain old Java object"). That is, the standard structure of the language and the addition of enterprise services without creating a conflict between them.
Spring is a Framework consisting of about 20 modules. These are divided into groups based on their purpose. Such as: Core Container, Data Access / Integration, Web, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Instrumentation, and Test.
Spring Boot is an extension of the Spring framework that allows you to remove lower level configurations. These are done automatically by the choice of options by the programmer at the start of the application. In the Spring core framework it is necessary to configure everything independently. Such as XML descriptors, while Spring Boot solves this problem.

What applications does Java Spring Boot have? 

Java Spring Boot is used to create Micro Service (architecture that allows developers to create services independently, each service having its own process).
The most important applications are:
  • Secure web applications
  • Backend for mobile applications
  • Supplier Rest API secure
  • Business software

What are the advantages of using Java Spring Boot for my business?

Spring Boot allows us to accelerate the creation of a web application. It analyzes the configurations set by the programmer and injects all the dependencies necessary to meet its requirements. Spring Boot offers simple possibilities to introduce modules.
Through pom.xml file, through Spring Intializr and on the official website, allowing the work of the programmer to be made easier. It only needs to ensure the functionality of the program.
The basic advantages of the Spring Boot framework are its self-configuration, independence and autonomy to make decisions to make an application as optimized as possible. Spring Boot is independent and offers the possibility to integrate all services automatically.
For example, it does not need a separate container server in which to place the application, which provides a default one, running it at the start of the application. Spring Boot is located at the top of the Spring Framework, being able to offer all its functionalities easily by integrating them in the project, exempting the programmer from setting the infrastructure, offering more time for the development of the basic functionality.

How long does it take to develop an application? 

In conclusion, the development can take from 12 to 36 months, depending on the complexity of the application.

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