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About Marketer Pro Analytics

Marketer Pro Analytics is a package specially designed by FPD. It is aimed at future customers who will benefit from a better understanding of how to conquer the internet. We reach the desired result through two stages that will be explained briefly, namely: analyzing the behavior of visitors and planning marketing campaigns.

Analyzing the behavior of visitors

The main purpose of analyzing the behavior of visitors is to understand them and present the information in the simplest way possible. The idea of ​​understanding the behavior came from the need to get a favorable action for the site as soon as possible. The visitor's behavior, from our point of view, includes things like: usability, trust in the site / brand, safety in navigation.
Behavior identification is done with special tools for this. A first identification of the behavior can be done using Google Analytics. You can go further with A / B testing or multivariate testing.
We at FPD use a multitude of tools to accurately identify visitor behavior.

Marketing campaign planning

A promotional campaign can be carried out in various advertising media:
print media (newspapers, magazines, invitations, posters, brochures, press releases, etc.),
electronic environment (TV, radio, internet),
the external environment (billboards, kiosks, posters, buses, cars, airplanes, etc.), but also by other means, for example, promotional items (T-shirts, pens, caps, etc.).
We focus more on the electronic environment; but if the client wants a wide and diversified range of advertising media; we comply and implement marketing campaigns for each desired environment.
After identifying the means needed to reach the target audience, it is important to establish the message of the promotional campaign so that it is understandable to the audience and attracts the attention of consumers.

Below are 5 important steps in the marketing campaign planning process.

Step 1: To begin with, it is necessary to understand and examine the needs of the target market, taking into account their age and income.
Step 2: Determine how to allocate resources.
Step 3: Develop the promotional message together with the creative team. The content, structure, format and purpose of the message must be taken into account. In this stage we have to show as much creativity as possible.
Step 4: Set the budget for your ad campaign.
Step 5: Implement the promotional campaign, after all the steps have been completed: defining the target market, determining how to allocate resources, identifying the promotional message and studying and allocating the related budget.
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