NodeJS Backend Development

What is Nodejs?

Nodejs is an execution environment. It allows software developers to launch both front-end and back-end applications using JavaScript. Although JS is the basis of all application assembly processes, as a backend development environment, Node.js differs from the frontend environment.
It has unique APIs that support HTTP requests, file systems, and more. server features for which frontend APIs provide limited support.
Because JavaScript has traditionally been used for the frontend, some developers believe that it cannot be used to write internal code, but Node.js rejects this view.

Why use Nodejs

This technology is evaluated by the software development community for the following benefits:
  • An I / O lock pattern allows multiple requests to be served simultaneously. Ensuring easy scaling and prompt execution of customer requests on high-load platforms.
  • With a growing number of online users requesting the most relevant information and services at hand. The flexibility and responsiveness of the Node.js runtime environment are the key merits required by modern web applications.
  • Node.js is a complete solution for complete development. Reduces skills requirements for programmers and eliminates the need to learn additional technologies.
  • The Node.js language is used by both frontend and backend developers. Which leads to a more efficient and better coordinated work environment. Eliminates the need to explain how certain features work or what a particular code means. Small projects can be managed by a single complete team, saving time and money.
  • The JavaScript programming language is very convenient and simple for backend development. Node.js ensures that the application will not become obsolete in a few years and it will be easy for other developers to understand your code.
  • The development process is greatly accelerated by sharing codes between front-end and backend.
  • Node.js is an open-source technology that does not require expensive licenses.
  • Joining the active Node.js community gives you access to tips from experienced developers. A wide range of free customization features. Access to the necessary resources, knowledge and advice from experts improves your professional development.

The best uses

This execution environment is best suited for real-time application development. Which processes a large number of online requests on the client side, which do not require advanced security, with top-notch user experience and prompt response time.
This includes live chats, instant messengers, online games, video conferencing and e-commerce services, and multi-user collaboration platforms (Google Docs, Trello, Dropbox, etc.)
For these types of projects, Nodejs is a much better than slower and less flexible technologies. The ability of Node.js to handle multiple requests simultaneously and provide prompt responses makes it an ideal solution for developing customer-oriented web applications.
This runtime environment is more common in applications with a single page than in any other backend technology.

When it's not the best choice

Node.js is not a universal solution. Its efficiency decreases as the processor load increases. If a large amount of data is processed on the server side, you should consider using more stable and robust technology.
Applications built with Node.js may not handle heavy computing operations. , blocking incoming requests and reducing response speed.
The APIs provided in Nodejs are useless for developing simple CRUD and HTML applications that transfer data directly from the server. Their use only complicates matters.
One of the benefits of open source technology is that free libraries and customization features can be uploaded to the Internet by anyone. The downside is that some donors have limited expertise and can make serious coding errors, reducing application efficiency. It is better to borrow extensions from authorized sources.


Now you know why Node.js is so popular. When this may be most useful or when it is better to try other technologies.
You can decide if Node.js is a good fit for you to launch the first backend server. Be sure to download libraries and customization features exclusively from verified sources.

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