Online Reputation Management – ORM

What is online reputation management?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) means taking control of the online conversation. Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when they search for you on the Internet.
The purpose of online reputation management is to create a balance, counteract misleading trends and allow you to take the best step forward.  

What Online Reputation Management can do for my business?

A fast-growing discipline and a corporate necessity, reputation management is widely recognized as a valuable intangible asset, which can be one of the most important sources of competitive advantage in a highly competitive market and with companies constantly under control. Increased by the business community, regulators, and corporate governance observed by good reputation management practices continue to help firms cope with this control.
Other benefits of sound reputation management practices are how much it strengthens and helps a corporation meet its branding goals which, on its own, play a key role in helping a company meet its marketing and business communication goals, a key factor for how far any company can go towards increasing its profits and market share.
Good reputation management practices are also important to help any entity manage staff trust as a tool for controlling public perceptions that, if undermined and ignored, can be costly; which in the long run can affect employee confidence, a risk that no employer would dare to explore, because staff morale is one of the most important factors in the company's performance.


The online reputation management process consists of five stages, including:
  •     Research
  •     Strategy
  •     Content
  •     Development
  •     Promotion
The last three steps are repeated at regular intervals as the search results improve. Each step of the process is explained below:  

Reputation research

Every internet reputation management campaign starts with an in-depth research phase. First, we identify the top search terms of the topic. These may include variations of names, keywords or services, and other phrases that searchers associate with your business.  

Content removal?

Part of the Online Reputation Management process involves deciding that something can be removed from the "site where it lives" or from search engines like Google. If it is logical, we look at legal solutions, such as DMCA takeover requests and other legal methods.
If we use reputable solutions, we will often do so simultaneously with suppression or protection campaigns. Other removal tactics may include removing YouTube video, removing NoIndex, removing search results from Google, and other techniques.  

SSERP reputation and gap analysis

Then, we will perform a “gap” analysis, drawing key differences between their results and yours. Gap analysis reduces potential threats and reputational opportunities.  

Development plan

With the results of the analysis, we will develop a list of controllable web properties to develop content that portrays you in a positive light and attracts organic traffic, shares, all these important inbound links.
The internet reputation development plan plays an important role in us knowing how to create the “perfect” search results page that people and search engines appreciate.  

Identification of influencing factors

Separately and simultaneously, we conduct research on social influence and influencer research to identify industry-specific people and key trends for managing the Internet's reputation in your marketplace.
These will be used later in the promotion phase. All of the above helps inform our reputation management strategy that guides the rest of the process.  


Once the research phase has been completed, we design a strategy to meet your goals. For example, there are different strategies for different situations and results. Some examples include:
  •     Wikipedia development
  •     Content replacement
  •     Improving reviews
  •     Improving the rating
  •     Suppression of negative results
  •     Promoting positive results
  •     Development of new content from third parties
  •     Article placement
  •     Social networking strategy
  Each strategy we develop at FPD is unique and tailored to business needs.  


Creating content is one of the most time consuming in the online reputation management services process, but you can't neglect it, because it is the foundation of every successful campaign. Content can be on web properties that you control or that other people control. Your content campaign includes the following steps:  


Once we understood the challenges and opportunities associated with your online brand, we looked at several content ideas designed to appeal to the types of people who can consume your content. At this point, we have reduced these people to a representation called "persona" that allows us to visualize and empathize with that archetypal person.  

Development and presentation

We place the basic content, principles and topics for your approval and feedback. We will often ask for new ideas and feedback on ideas we already have.
We match each approved piece of content with an appropriate publication goal, establish a content schedule, and review existing positive results to determine how and if they can be improved (reorientation). We also outline a coherent social post and a link plan based on the content campaign. Content types may include:
  •     Blog posts
  •     Jobs in the social environment
  •     Communicating to bloggers and journalists capable of implementing well-produced content on high-authority, third-party sites
  •     External articles, including scientific articles and long-form reports
  •     Slide shows
  •     Press releases

Improved online reviews and ratings

Not all content is created by FPD. Where relevant, online review management techniques are used to drive real customers to the review sites most likely to positively affect online opinion through star ratings and reviews.  


As part of the reputation management process, we often identify and build websites, business listings, social media profiles, existing blogs, and other owned properties that you control and influence. We build the ones you need, but you don't have them yet. These may include:
  •     Charity site
  •     Blogs
  •     Social media profiles
  •     Image sharing profiles
  •     Video profile
  •     and more
With them in place, we have set up a network of owned domains to allow us to distribute content that will be further developed for each of your web properties.  


What is the use of comprehensive content and a publishing plan if no one sees its fruits? Along with great content, promotion is essential to the reputation management process on the internet. To simplify promotion, we separate your content and properties into three distinct groups:

Leverage of brand-owned properties

Contact the reader based on the properties you own and control. Because we can control these properties to a large extent, we work to get as many searched properties and social results as possible.

Positive content support with earned content

We use social media and request comments, feedback, actions and links to the content created, either by asking directly or by creating content that naturally attracts these forms of promotion. During campaigns, we interface with third-party PR agencies to conduct public information activities.

Paid content

Done right, paid promotion can be a great return on investment. Powerful forms include guest posts on relevant, high-authority websites and blogs, paid discovery using tools, sponsored content on high-ranking media sites, and paid search campaigns.

Strategic reorientation of assets to keep things fresh

Reorientation is simply watching results to see what has been done, then changing the way content marketing and SEO is focused, so continuous inertia and search results improve.
SEO reputation management includes researching close partners, SEO mobilization, link development, on-page and off-page technical optimization, and more.

How fast results appear in Online Reputation Management?

Finding a company with experience in online reputation management services and engaging in an improved online image will not change overnight. ORM is a long game, a painstaking process marked by both big and small victories.

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