Python Backend Development

What is Python?

Python is a dynamic multi-paradigm programming language, created in 1989 by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum.
Van Rossum is still today a leader in the community of software developers working to improve the language. Python and its basic implementation, CPython, written in C. Python is a multifunctional language used for example by companies like Google or Yahoo! for programming web applications, but there are also a number of scientific or entertainment applications programmed in part or in full.
The growing popularity and power of the programming language have led to its adoption as the main language of development. by specialized programmers and even in language teaching in some academic environments.
For the same reasons, many Unix-based systems, including Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X, include the CPython interpreter from the start.

What applications does Python have?

It can be used in web application development, scientific computing, data science, startups, the financial industry and backend development for web applications.
Applications that use Python in the backend include:
  •     Instagram
  •     Youtube
  •     Quora
  •     Pinterest
  •     Facebook
  •     Reddit
  •     Netflix
  •     Google
  •     Spotify

What are the advantages of using a backend?

Python emphasizes the cleanliness and simplicity of the code, and its syntax allows developers to express some programmatic ideas in a clearer and more concise manner than in other programming languages ​​such as C.
programming paradigm, Python can serve as a language for object-oriented software, but also allows imperative, functional or procedural programming.
The typing system is dynamic and memory management takes place automatically through a service " garbage collector.
Another advantage of the language is the existence of a large standard library of methods.

How long does it take to develop a backend?

The period in which a backend infrastructure can be created varies between 6 and 24 months.

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