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About Smart Shop E-Commerce

Smart Shop E-Commerce is a package designed by FPD for future customers who want to expand their business in the digital environment. This involves creating an online store.

What is an online store?

An online store is a virtual space that you can use to present to customers and partners the products you make available. It gives them the opportunity to take possession of the goods you sell by placing an online order.
Due to the advantages it includes, online stores have become absolutely natural without which you would not be could talk about e-commerce.

What are the advantages of an online store?

An online store can be easier to manage. If you have a well-developed plan, organizing the online store can be a bit easier than in the case of an offline store. Of course, this is not a general rule.
Accessibility. An online store can be accessible to a wide range of customers. Thus, spatial and temporal barriers can be removed. The order can be placed at any time, regardless of where the customers are.
Less management staff. There are cases in which the staff of an online store can be represented by a single person, respectively its owner. He can handle the administration and establish a good collaboration with a courier company and a marketing agency to help him with the promotion.
Shorter time for shopping sessions. There are people who do not like to waste time walking through the shops. That is why online stores are seen as a growing trend, managing to attract as many followers as possible. Moreover, the efficiency of the purchasing process has increased, due to the fact that the largest stores allow direct trade from the smartphone. So, customers can shop from anywhere and anytime regardless of location or time.

The benefits of the Smart Shop E-Commerce package

Administration Panel. Store management is intuitively done from the administration panel provided by SmartShop.
Customizable interface. The visual editor allows you to adjust the store interface to suit your business needs.
Product management. Product administration or addition is quickly done by administration.
Roles. Manage users under roles, with permissions configurable by an administrator.
Billing. Automatically generate invoices for orders and issue invoices manually.
API integration. Adding payment by card, locating the package, or tracking the customer are the most common API integrations we perform.
Reports. Generate automatic performance reports. [Su_spacer size = "30"] To benefit from a free Smart Shop E-Commerce offer, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or access the following LINK

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