Social Media Marketing – SMM

What does Social Media Marketing mean?

Social Marketing or SMM is a form of internet marketing that uses the ability of social media channels and web applications (Apps) to generate interaction (engagement) and distribution (social shearing) to increase the visibility and awareness of a brand.
This includes activities such as promoting / selling certain goods and services or the brand itself (personal branding), generating new business contacts (potential customers) and increasing traffic to a brand's website.

The Importance of Marketing in the Social Environment

Social networks have become a virtual meeting place for people, where:
  • they exchange ideas on the most disparate topics.
  • I read reviews about the products and services I want to buy.
  • look for information about where they want to go, such as restaurants or hotels.
In the past, when these social platforms did not exist, this exchange of information between people took place in bars or other spaces of social aggregation. Today, on the other hand, people spend more time on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, and these applications become the place to "meet".
What this means?
This means that businesses and professionals should work more and more on the ability to intercept and engage users in online social discussions, because in these environments, it is possible to convert them into their customers.
People's opinions are increasingly influenced by conversations on the Internet and this is a fact to consider if you want to sell a product on the web, if you do online marketing, or even become an influencer.
Having skills on social channels is also important for those who are looking for new professional opportunities to:
  • a job.
  • be sought after by employers.
  • career opportunities and income growth.

How it works ?

Companies and organizations create (or connect) to “community networks” that share the interests and values ​​expressed by the company on social networks. These values ​​are offered in the form of relevant content in various formats (text, images, videos, etc.) capable of generating discussions about and with the company, on specific topics.
If used correctly, this content distributed on social networks can produce loyalty. Customers / users, through their input (likes, comments, shares), involve other people (friends, fans, followers) in discussions creating the possibility for a fraction of them to become in turn followers / fans of the company / organization or brand.

What are the benefits of Marketing in the Social Environment?

Once we understand what it means, let's see what benefits it can bring:
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing customer loyalty (brand loyalty).
  • Improving customer service.
  • Increase the number of potential customers.
  • Increase web traffic to your business website or blog.
  • Improving the positioning of the site on search engines.
  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Connecting and developing interactive relationships with the target audience.
  • Developing a reputation as an expert or leader in the field of activity (brand authority).

Why invest in advertising ?

  • Reduced costs: creating profiles on social networks is free. As well as creating and managing your own social networking management, social networking campaigns.
  • An increased ROI: The ROI generated by social media advertising is the largest of the various forms of paid advertising. Social ads are also a type of advertising that allows a high degree of personalization. These will only be displayed to users who are genuinely interested in the products / services promoted by the advertiser.
  • High conversion rate (CR): Developing customer relationships has a positive impact on sales results.
  • Improving Customer Insights: Unlike content shared through private channels. Such as emails, tools and instant messaging applications, which are therefore difficult to measure. Various social media marketing tools allow a high precision of monitoring activities of the various social profiles of the company.
  • From analyzing the many data collected (Insights) through tools such as Google Analytics. You can get important information about the “feeling” towards the brand, as well as about the demographic composition, interests, behaviors and needs of customers.

How come?

There are various ways in which a company / organization can market on social media. However, all the social media marketing activities that are carried out to give results cannot ignore the implementation of an effective social media marketing strategy.
But how can he create a successful strategy? As with any digital marketing strategy, this is developed by defining a plan. Which consists of some precise steps:
  • Conducting an Audit
  • Defining objectives
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Creating a content strategy for the social environment
  • Pay attention to those who make Influncer
  • Choosing social media marketing platforms
  • Measurement and testing

Best practices

Common mistakes in Social Media practices

The biggest mistake that companies make when trying to promote their product through this channel is that they tend to only present information about the promotions they have in progress.
These practices may have been effective in the past, but now it is very important to focus on building a trusting relationship with our customers and building a community around the brand / service we promote.
Of course, it is important to present the ongoing offers, but at the right time. We recommend that you build compelling content, broaden the inspiration you use, and use interesting images that are appropriate for the text you have created.

What information should you share

Share information that is relevant to your business or that is of interest to the audience following the page. Post things that help consumers make their lives easier, as well as tips and tricks that will help them when using your products or services.
Social media presence is an extension of the product / service you own and you need to take it seriously. If you want to have the best results using social media to promote yourself, we recommend that you turn to specialists.

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