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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular platform in the world for creating websites and is able to create any type of website: from personal blogs to professional websites or even online stores with a few products.

WordPress gained its popularity in the first phase as a platform that you can use to make a blog. If you've ever visited a site that had the URL: name.wordpress.com then you probably know what I'm talking about!

This platform has an intuitive interface and anyone can learn to use it after working with it for a certain period of time. It's very easy to write content - you have the same tools you can find in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

WordPress used as CMS

Let's first clarify what a CMS is, this acronym comes from Content Management System and involves an application or set of tools that help you manage your content online (content such as pages, products, pictures and so on). You probably didn't know this, but WordPress is estimated to be behind 25% - 30% of all websites in the world - a figure that says a lot about the benefits of this free product.

Advantages of WordPress

  • The best platform for managing online content. This platform is very easy to use and navigating through its settings is intuitive. It does not require professional knowledge to install it. And you can do great with some basic computer skills. By the way, about 74.6 million websites use WordPress.
  • Search Engine Optimization. The plugins on this platform are designed for simplicity. Some people experience difficulties when trying to set meta tags or descriptions for their web pages. This is not the case with WordPress, as the tags are easy to understand and use. We use Yoast SEO to help us with tips in optimizing our position on the Google search page.
  • Professional themes. I went from the beginning of this article on the idea that this CMS is free, but the themes it comes with are much too used and trivial. Designers instead come to your aid with super customizable themes.
  • Online shop. WordPress is an ideal solution for small eCommerce projects (up to 5,000 products). We have to thank the WooCommerce plugin for this functionality – a free plugin that provides most of the functions needed to manage an online store.
  • Mobile friendly. Most WordPress themes have been designed from the beginning for using the website on mobile devices. So there is no difference if you access your project from your computer, phone or tablet.

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