User Experience Design – UX

The user experience (UX) focuses on a deep understanding of users: what they need, what they value, their abilities and also their limitations. It also takes into account the business objectives of the group managing the project. UX best practices promote improved quality of user interaction and perceptions of the product and any related services.

To understand the brand and the type of customers you are addressing.

To discover news about users, their behavior, goals, motivations and needs.

We use all the information we have gathered in the last two stages to analyze and distill the most important elements.

Analysis of some basic solutions and ideas in order to start creating prototypes.

To test and receive feedback from real and potential users.

Evaluate the tested prototypes and choose the one that gave the highest yield.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a complete visual graphics solution that you use to introduce yourself to potential customers. Its main feature is a style that is recognized in every element of visual identity graphic design.

For a deep dive into every aspect of your brand, from your values ​​and personality to your logo and positioning.

To identify useful information about users such as demographic and psychographic data that help us find out who these users are.

To understand who your competition is and how your brand compares in perception and presentation.

We bring unique sales proposal ideas to stand out in front of competitors.

To create a message and a visual identity that aligns with your brand.

Create content and image elements to highlight your brand.

Professional Photography

Professional product photos taken with the latest equipment.

To photograph the brand image of your business

To photograph the product that your business represents.

Represents the photographic direction of perspective defined by: lights, colors, shapes, lines and textures, symmetry and the stages of its processing.

To edit the corporate image (company logo) and images of products or services provided by your business.

We have high-performance and professional equipment of the latest generation.

User Interface Design – UI

Aesthetic attractiveness and usefulness of a design / product with appropriate images, typography, space, appearance and color.

To define who your product customers are and how they will use it.

To create simple sketches and loyalty templates to be used in the development of the application or website.

For a semi-functional look that can provide a high-fidelity preview of the actual application or user interface of the website.

To create the design of the user interface using typography and colors to highlight the composition of the interface elements.

Customer Experience – CX

The way a company interacts with its customers in all aspects of the customer’s journey; from marketing to sales, support services and every intermediate point.

For an in-depth analysis of the opportunities available by digitizing your business.

To witness a significant improvement in customer service and customer experience.

We optimize processes to create a more efficient back office.

For an in-depth analysis of the possibilities of more efficient use of the data received by customers.

For a diagnosis of the "consumer" comprising current travel and to develop possible areas for improvement.

Branding and Naming

The identity of your company represented by image, name and slogan.

Market research to establish the context in which the brand will operate.

For audit and strategy development.

To create the brand's visual identity package (logo, branded materials, digital presence: website and social networks, internal branding for employees).

For the communication and promotion of the brand on any local, national or external market, through the classic methods and in the online environment.

For brand optimization and management.

Video Production

Video marketing is the most effective type of content for promoting online services and products. Opt for a video presentation about your business!

Preparing video production by planning, researching, solving problems and organizing the necessary steps before production.

To record and capture all the necessary video productions.

The process of organizing, planning and editing the video itself.

To submit the edited material and any revisions to it for approval.

Distribute the final video on social media or use it for other purposes.

User Research

It focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis and other feedback methodologies.

To build an empathetic, user-oriented company that aligns the product and business strategy with the basic needs and goals of the users.

To understand how people perform their tasks and achieve their goals to design an efficient and enjoyable UX.

To create a shorter development time in advance, with a clear vision of what you are trying to build.

To allow different teams to work collaboratively, ensuring a consistent user experience throughout.

To design and build something that people will actually use, something that really solves a relevant problem that people have.

By constantly using user research, we can track the return on our UX investment to see where our ideas and iterations work and where we need to improve.

Product Design

A process that starts with an idea and ends with a fabricated prototype.

To find out if there is a strong demand or need for your product before you start the design and development process.

For a better understanding of the problems and their transformation into opportunities.

We list ingenious solutions and ideas so you can start developing a prototype.

Construction and launch of a prototype to be able to move to the final phase.

To receive feedback from real users.

Design Thinking

Methodology for innovation and development of products, services and processes. The name “Design Thinking” starts from the central principle of the methodology: to approach the innovation process as a “designer”, as a designer.

Analysis of the Design Thinking process to obtain an empathic understanding of the problem we are trying to solve.

To identify and define the basic issues identified in the analysis process.

To identify new solutions to the problem statement that we identified in the definition process.

This is an experimental phase and the aim is to identify the best possible solution for each of the problems identified in the first three stages.

To test the final product using the best solutions identified in the prototyping phase.

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