Search Engine Optimization – SEO

It includes all the strategies and techniques aimed at improving the visibility of the site in search engine results.

Web domain analysis includes: technical analysis, keyword planning, on and off site optimization, search engine indexing, adding backlinks and analysis of monthly, quarterly or annual results.

To search for and implement the right keywords for your business.

We optimize the web page for greater visibility on search engines.

We automatically index your webpage (s) to be displayed in search engines by relevant keywords.

We increase the visibility of your website by adding backlinks.

We provide quarterly SEO reports with eloquent information about the situation of the website at that time.

Pay Per Click Ads – PPC

Result payment mechanism, more precisely payment for each click on an advertiser’s advertisement.

Defining goals as clearly as possible in order to achieve a successful PPC campaign.

We accurately define your target audience so that your ad can show to users who are interested in your service or product.

To research, discover and develop a web content optimization strategy.

To communicate visually and solve the problems of using printing, photography and illustration.

We manage your campaign by ensuring that it is set up correctly, optimized efficiently, and can be adjusted when needed.

We present campaign reports to provide a meaningful perspective on what is happening to them.

Content Marketing

Using the power of written texts, visuals or videos to make a “lever” that helps achieve the business objectives of a company.

Setting goals and planning an elaborate content strategy.

To create the most complex content about the topic, the service, the targeted product.

To publish different types of content on media channels.

Distribution and promotion of content through media channels.

To find out what type of content is most read or viewed by visitors.

Social Media Marketing – SMM

SMM is a form of internet marketing that uses the ability of social media channels and web applications to generate interaction and distribution to increase the visibility and awareness of a brand.

For the analysis of the structure of business accounts in the social environment.

Management and modification of social accounts.

To make a graphic design specific to the type of service or product owned.

To automate and streamline the publication of posts at the right time intervals.

Graphic analysis of the results you have had in a certain period of time.

Email Marketing

Form of direct marketing (DEM), which integrates strategies and tactics used to create and distribute content through emails in order to create relationships between brand and customers, or to send information and updates of a promotional nature.

Creating an email marketing plan based on defining the purpose of the campaigns, creating contact lists, email content and submission interval.

To create a captivating newsletter design that creates a strong link between the provider and the visitor.

Automatic sending of the newsletter at fixed time intervals.

Analysis of monthly performance reports.

Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO

The practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website.

For a detailed analysis of how visitors interact with the website.

Implement an efficient strategy to optimize the conversion rate related to the analysis.

To find out what users need by testing several methods.

Testing the methods in part and identifying the method with the best yield.

Implementation of the method with the highest yield.

For the analysis of the efficiency of the recovery rate of the various investments made.

Online Reputation Management – ORM

Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when you search the Internet.

For an independent, objective and reliable examination aimed at determining whether the undertakings analyzed are operating in accordance with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness and whether progress can be made in this respect.

To streamline and manage existing profiles in the social environment or to create new profiles.

Manage reviews received from customers through the platforms you are connected to.

Management and resolution of complaints regarding the services provided or the products provided.

For the administration and drafting of press releases in an efficient manner.

Marketing Automation

The process of using software to automate marketing tasks during the customer journey.

To increase performance in the development and implementation of marketing campaigns and results in online marketing activities and promotion of the company in the digital environment.

To plan and schedule effective content on social media at the right times and for complete control over published content.

To convey information specifically designed to be read in order to be of interest to the target audience.

For information processing and efficient information management using modern information systems.

For in-depth data analysis, identifying the factors that generated the changes, discovering hidden patterns and understanding current perspective trends.

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